Mum blasted for wearing dressing gown on morning dog walk uses time as excuse

Dressing gowns are universally beloved. The humble garments, known for keeping the wearer cosy and warm, are so comfortable they can prove a struggle to take off. Not only are they normally softer and fluffier than coats, but the rush of cold air when you’re getting changed on a frosty winter’s morning is less than desirable.

Still, most people will agree you shouldn’t wear the sleepwear outside of your home, and doing so can prove a controversial choice. But this hasn’t stopped dressing gowns from becoming a common sight on streets across the years, and sparking a fierce debate about the attire every time they crop up.

From parents wearing dressing gowns on the school run, to shoppers seen sporting pyjamas during the afternoon, such appearances often lead to heated exchanges. And one woman who wondered if it’s acceptable to wear dressing gowns on early morning dog walks found this out for herself, after she took to the internet to ask about the matter, and her post was flooded with a torrent of furious replies.

Writing on Mumsnet’s ‘Am I being unreasonable?’ forum, the pet owner titled her post: “For wearing my dressing gown on a dog walk?” She added: “Before 7.30am? Through residential area to the park and back?”

But despite the time, fellow parents were quick to blast the move, with many insisting walkers should change out of their dressing gowns. One person wrote: “Definitely. Put some proper clothes on.”

A second said: “That’s grim, t shirt, fleece, coat, jogging bottoms, boots, takes seconds.” And another added: “Lazy. Get dressed.”

A different reply read: “It seems an odd choice to me. Why wouldn’t you just stick a coat on, it’s hardly a time consuming job and the dressing gown will be absolutely useless in keeping you warm should it rain.” And someone else agreed: “Dressing gown is for indoors – think of the muck that would get on it.”

However, other commenters thought the choice should be left with each individual, even if they had different preferences. One person advised: “Wear what you want. I wouldn’t and I’d probably think it was odd if I saw someone doing it but that’s my issue being judgemental and not theirs.”

And a second replied: “Scared to admit I absolutely do this sometimes. I see loads of others doing the same.” “My dog struggles to wait for the toilet first thing, I’d rather look rough or whatever in a dressing gown than clean p*** off the floor so,” she added.