Gogglebox fans ‘crying’ as Stephen takes brutal swipe at husband’s bedroom performance

Daniel asked: “You’re going to let that bite you?”

Stephen made a cheeky remark to his husband, joking that he would allow the venomous creature to bite him because “it offers deep penetration”.

In response, Daniel muttered “shut up” under his breath but viewers found the moment hilarious as they rushed straight to Twitter and shared their reaction.

One Twitter user wrote: “Stephen cracks me up, funny man” and another commented: “Lol Stephen is hilarious #Gogglebox.”

One commented: “He just hilarious says it how it is doesn’t give a s*** that’s what I like keeping it real #Gogglebox.”

While another added: “Oh this fella!! This was awkwardly hilarious!!!!!!! #Gogglebox.”

One user said: “Stephen always knows what I’m thinking [purple devil emoji, aubergine emoji] #Gogglebox

Another telly favourite for Gogglebox fans are couple Giles Wood and Mary Killen who were back this week.

The pair, who first joined the show in 2015, weigh in on everything from The Masked Dancer to the day’s news from their home in Wiltshire.

The couple have been married for over three decades and refer to each other as ‘Nutty’ on the programme, with a familiar rapport that sees Giles deliver quick quips, to be often told off by Mary as a result.

The pair are very private when not gracing Channel 4 screens, with little known about their lives away from their living room.

Giles, who contributes to online magazine The Oldie, met Mary when he was 21 while studying at Wimbledon Art School when she was a model.